Web Pricing


In a perfect world, we'd like to have an in-depth chat with you about your goals and dreams for your project before we send you a detailed proposal. But we also think it's helpful for you to see what ballpark your project might fall within before we get things rolling. Below are the two basic options that we offer at Twin, along with some examples to help you better visualize functionality and what those functions might cost. There's also plenty that we do in between these options, so let's definitely have that chat. 


a.) Start from scratch

The fully custom route entails a 100% custom design and build from the ground up. We would utilize Squarespace's developer mode to ensure that the structure, design, functionality, and content management system are all painstakingly tailored to your specific needs. Our process for projects of this caliber include the design and development of a working site wireframe, a design presentation with three rounds of revisions, and developing the website from scratch. Custom Build projects start at $12,000. 


  1. Discovery
  2. Wireframes
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Testing
  6. Launch
  7. Training




b.) Start with a template

Using an existing Squarespace template as the backbone of your website doesn't mean that your website will look like a template. We pride ourselves in our ability to craft unique digital experiences using existing frameworks, ensuring that your website feels special and on-brand, all while being easy to update and easy on your budget. We begin with selecting the right template to fit your most essential needs and goals. We then transform the template into an online experience that works for both your brand and your user. Starting with a template start at $6,000. 


  1. Template selection
  2. Content upload
  3. Template tweaking
  4. Testing
  5. Launch
  6. Training