Web Process


1. Discovery

Our process begins with identifying your goals for the site. We listen to you and your needs which help inspire our team to brainstorm ideas. We use these ideas to define the functionality, appearance, and overall message for your site. 


2. Content

During this stage we work to gather and create content to define how your website should look and feel. Do you have content already? We’ll use it. Do you need content? Copy, images, videos, or other media — we’ll make it for you.


3. Design

When a plan is defined and the content is prepared, we begin building a home page and a few interior pages. These designs will go through multiple rounds of feedback to make sure no detail goes unnoticed. 


4. Development

After a few rounds of feedback, we will begin building your website. This process takes a few weeks, but at the end of this stage you will be presented with a fully functional website that is ready for your feedback.


5. Testing

Once the website is built, we begin testing it across all browser types and devices. The step is critical in identifying and fixing any potential bugs. We make sure access to your website is an optimal experience for anyone on any modern device.


6. Launch

When we are sure the site is fully responsive and meets our standard of quality, it is ready to be launched. At this stage, we will transfer the website to your domain. Once transferred, it will be launched and officially go live.


7. Training

Finally, we work to make sure that you and your staff are capable of managing content on your site. We create custom videos teaching you how to make updates, enabling you to take control of content management as you move forward.